Terms & Conditions


You should be at least 18 years old to access the website and using our Services. You should access the website at your own risk and at your own responsibility.This website purpose is to assist people to build a relationship that starting from friendship or even more intimate relation, It is a matchmaking website. You are only eligible to create one profile. Multiple profiles are prohibited since we offer a fair chance to Members to meet someone that could be a match for them. We strongly suggest that you keep the password to yourself and not share with others. We are not responsible if your profile is being hacked by other party or if any misuse activity done from your profile.


The registration is free for lifetime and free member is eligible to have some limited access and features. By joining our website you will get the benefits e.g. Chat feature, Message, Calling, Premium membership feature benefits, Support and many more other functionalities. We also keep update all functionalities and also insert new features as well time to time. You can contact us via email, call, and chat anytime anywhere.


You should appreciate other’s privacy by not harassing, disturbing, or any other similar act if they are not interested in communicating with you. Failing to abide this term will causing the deactivation of your membership. You should aware of the condition that by joining our website your personal information can be viewed by other members.You are responsible to your own profile. The list below are the kind of act and behaviors that inclusive in illegal category or prohibited in our Services: False information sharing to other member is strictly prohibited. Any image that related into pornography and violence is strictly prohibited to be posted. Sharing profile details e.g. user id, password, etc to other people is strictly prohibited. You are not eligible to handover/transfer your membership plan to other person/member and we do not allow other people to use the benefits of your membership. You should not share other member’s information to other third party. Fake Mobile No. , Email Address , Personal details , Fake photos are not allowed.


We will always try to help you to find your match. You are the one who decide if you intent to maintain the friendship. It is our pleasure to provide you this service and support you in every possible way we can. Friend request and interest can be sent anytime. Friendship and interest are fully dependent on your and other member’s behalf. We are not responsible in any respond of other member on your friend request or interest. All activities in the website will be checked and monitored by our team. Any illegal act will cause permanent deactivation.


You can terminate your membership anytime based on any reason by inform our team via Calling or Email. You are not eligible for any refund of any membership/subscription fees due to the termination process. We holds the right to terminate/cancel your membership and delete your account permanently once we detect any violation to the agreement and you will not get any refund of any membership/subscription fees. You can delete your account anytime by contacting us through Calling or Email.


There will be NO REFUND, Hence before register and taking any Membership Plans please read our Terms and Conditions and about our Services.


We collects information directly and non-directly Directly - We generally collect from visitors and members such as Phone No. , Email , and Personal Details. Further, in order to facilitate Billing sales, we collect card information, member's address, bank information or payment method only from those who choose to join our Premium Membership plans. Non-directly - We generally collect such as browser type, IP address, Location etc.

https://dreamlightfriends.com/ is a trademark of "dreamlightfriends.com" By joining and access our Services, means you are agree on all our terms and conditions. And you are bound to give correct information and will not break any terms. Please contact us with any questions regarding this Agreement.